Weather needs to update closer than short final

I’ve had this problem quite a lot, and it happens a lot on the Hawaii region as there is storms / strong winds / rapidly changing weather etc.

It seems that the weather for airfields with METAR data only update the weather you see and experience as the pilot when you are inside the closest blue airspace ring… I think it needs to update from further out.

An example of this being an issue - I was on approach to Hilo from Honolulu in Hawaii region. About a 30-40 min flight, and the entire flight Hilo had visibility around 1/2NM rain, winds about 250degrees 15 knots.

My entire approach around the north side of the island, lining up with the ILS, and then onto final, I had virtually unlimited visibility, winds around 25 knots from about 355 degrees.

Basically, my weather remained as what it was from about 60 NN earlier, and didn’t change until I was around 2-3NM from touchdown.

I was looking forward to executing a proper ILS approach, except I could see the runway for all of the final, until it disappeared at the last second. Then my winds weren’t exactly the best for that approach, as they were still giving me the direction from 60 NM away. It’s also hard to configure an aircraft for the conditions you experience for the entire final, for the wind to flip 90 degrees, change strength by 25 knots, and lose all visibility at the last second.

It also happens in reverse, you have a clear sunny day where you intend to land. But your stuck with the previous 1 NM visibility until you’re 2 NM from touchdown, suddenly everything clears up and your wind direction swings 180 degrees etc.

All I’m asking is the METAR weather implement from about 25 NM out, or in the case of multiple airfields, whichever is then the closest to you.