Weather N/A worldwide

Just curious airports on expert are not showing any weather information. Just says N/A


When you’re far from a field usually weather shows as N/A but if you think this issue could affect your flight I suggest going into Airplane mode for 30 Seconds and them coming back into regular Wifi, If this continues you can do a simple app Reinstall.

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Maybe im over the ocean is the reason 56 mins out from London

Alright go in to flight mode for 30 seconds and then go in to regular internet, this should work.

Flight mode? Where is that at if I’m flying

Airplane mode on your control center, you on Android or IOS?

Oh okay I’ll try it out thanks

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Nope didn’t work. Not showing weather

This could be a connection issue, try restarting your Router/Modem for 30 Seconds to a Minute and then try again, Im going to go fly just to try reproduce this issue. I’ll get back to you shortly.

I can see weather of all airport’s all around the world on Live, so Im sure that this is a connection issue on your side.

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Hmmmm have to check it out when I land thx

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If it’s just the weather that is showing the red crossmark and the rest are showing a green checkmark then that means the weather server is probably down for a bit. It happens to me as well abruptly going on & off sometimes. Because if your internet was the problem then the rest of them would also be with a red crossmark.

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