Weather missing

Hi ! I am currently approaching Auckland airport but my weather information is missing…
The winds are still at 165 kts !! At this speed, its impossible to me to land the 777…
What should I do ? Am I the only one who has this problem ??

Hey try to trun on airplane mode for 30 secondes and then back off…

Or hold for 15 minutes… In 15 minutes wetaher restarts or something like that…

Even if I’m currently on the approach frequency ??

Yeah then you have an issue… Hmm you shoud’ve done that before

Maybe if you will be vectored for another 14 minutes iwetaher will reset

Wait till the weather resets in 10-15mins

This should be in #support!

Yeah now 9 mins

well… I quit because of course the ground speed is increase and the ATC said to me to reduce my speed to 210 kts but of course with those winds this is impossible…
Nice :/

thank you for the help 👏

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I departed from KMIA to KRSW. Weather was missing and 787-9 was acting crazy after departure from runaway 12. Climbing V/S 2000. Speed 220 knots and trim set at 20. Plane was so unstable that I canceled the flight within my 3rd leg.

It’s happening to me too. I’ve been holding for 30 mins and it hasn’t reset

Now it should.

Literally as i sent that it changed… wow lol

Top of the hour :)