Weather maps for your flyout/flyin/group flight needs

If you are creating a flyout or group flight or fly in you would probably want to chart you’re route around storms, here is a wonderful radar for this, it is very trustworthy as it is made by the NWS.
Here is an image from it

Here is the link to this very useful website.
Hope this helps for flight planning and thanks for stopping by.

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That looks like a nice map. I just use the map in my crew center tho. I’m sure this will help tons of people

Thanks, the picture, they’re is a supposed supercell but I checked the velocity radar and it wasn’t.

Thank you! I would also highly recommend using

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I hope I am not wrong,but I believe Windy is connected to Infinite Flight

I don’t think so.

Oh yesssssssssssss I love that website.

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Does anyone use this website? 250hPa is fl340

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Oooooooh this website is awesome.

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