Weather Issue

Hey they all.
Now before I begin, I want to put it out there that this issue has 100% nothing to do with winds aloft being down.

For a very long time now, I have had this issue, many times I have been given the ‘restart your device’ or ‘delete scenery cache’. None of those work, I have restarted my device, re-installed IF, used different wifi and I still get the issue.

So there I am, departing out of an airport that has a lot of fog, or at least should have. I am never able to see fog on live, no-matter-what. It is always 50KM visibility, and I never get to enjoy dangerous approaches on foggy arrivals.

Could a low storage be causing this?

Device: Apple iPhone 8 Space Grey (64 GB)
Operation System Version: iOS 13.1 (Had issue before)

Is this for all airports or select airports?

He’s talking about fog, not winds.

Please read the actual post instead of making assumptions from the title.


All airports

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What server?

This is very strange. You said you have tried multiple options, but non of them worked to get fog. Which means @schyllberg is probably the only one who could help you at this point for proper advice.

As shown, I have had this issue for ages.

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Alright, to expand on my earlier point, you can either privately message schyllberg for further advice or wait for him to come here.

This is a known thing and is being investigated. ;)


Just a heads up, you might want to read the post before replying :)