Weather information

Welcome guys.

Is the weather, wind speed, visibility and temperature in the game … are they real or estimated?

They’re real, if it’s foggy IRL it’ll be foggy in game. :) Same with wind, big storm around Atlanta, you’ll have a hard time landing there in game.


All weather information is provided real time from local weather services. So if you will have a windy day in your local airport in the real world (according to airport METARS), you should have the same or yet very similar conditions in your local airport in Infinite Flight. Beware that there are a few delays with METAR changing but it should be reasonably accurate.


even if there was in those hurricanes or anything like that in that place?

Yes! That’s the beauty of it:)
(Ofcourse the weather stations have to work in those places)


I thought that this information is only estimated and not factual

Thank you very much, friends.

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