Weather Information (Metar) not showing at any airport

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Device Information

Ipad 6th Gen 14.4.2

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?



Weather doesn’t seem to be showing at any airport. The green dots on airport map icons are large and showing no weather plus some don’t have this.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Select aircraft and airport (preferably one you know should have a metar
  • Then spawn is as usual

Expected results

Metar to show in the WX section of the airport information

Actual results

Airport tag on map showing No weather and the WX section of airport info showing N/A

More Information

I think this is an old problem, probably has something to do with an unstable connection.

Definitely needs to be fixed though.

At the moment, the weather seems to be down on all servers.

It looks like weather info is returning.

Was a temporary thing that can happen occasionally. Happened to me too.

Same here too

Can you guys still reproduce? Currently unable. Assume it was just a brief weather server error

iPad 6 Pro 11”
iOS 14.0
21.1 (915)

Actually what happened to me yesterday was METARs were not showing up on my phone which was doing the flight, but my second phone can see METARs in the airport selection screen. This happens quite a bit to me actually, probably because my wifi is a bit dodgy, but not to all airports.

I did not have a METAR this morning EST at KJFK while controlling, I didn’t think much of it at the time but it’s probably related.

For me this seems to not be a beta problem as I’ve seen it happen for extended periods of time for a few weeks now.

This was different I also had a long layer of fog throughout my flight. Doesnt seem to be an issue for me either anymore

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I have the same issues here. In a few hours in my flight, all the METAR data then shows “No weather”

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I have had this problem on my past two flights. When I start the flight I have weather, but about an hour into the flight all the METAR data says “No weather”.

I have seen that kind of issue before actually. Usually it’s only a few airports in the area though, not a lot of them