Weather Information Colors

I was flying in the South Florida area, and I was searching for challenging airports with high winds, and I noticed that most airports had green text, some had blue, and I found Tampa Intl with red text, but sadly forgot to take a picture. I also noticed the airports with red and blue text had more information than airports with green text. What does this all mean?

The amount of information isn’t dependent on a colour, strictly speaking. As far as I know, the colours refer to visibility at the airfield (more info here: and here: As a shorthand, red typically means low visibility, green/blue - good visibility (10SM or more).

More information typically means a more complicated weather pattern - for example in areas with low visibility, it could be due to mist/fog, which could also carry precipitation - this would be reflected in the weather report. METAR also communicates things like runway conditions and state of the equipment (found after the RMK section most often) - that’s where the extra information typically comes from.