Weather Incorrect PDX

KPDX weather is just plain incorrect over the last few days. They had snow and low ceilings but IF Weather was CAVU.

The weather at all live IRL airports comes from the hourly METAR reading. I highly doubt that Infinite Flight has any fault, maybe the instrument that measures the weather at PDX IRL has been working incorrectly.

Hey Kelly!

This is what we have in Infinite Flight:

And this is what FR24 and other sources are reporting:

Are we missing something? :)


You are missing the Remarks, but those aren’t as important.

Make sure you are not playing solo for the last few days as the weather is automatic. All Online Servers should have the current weather METARS like @schyllberg said. Check once again and see if anything is different.


i was on TS. it had the METAR, but it was not reflected in the live weather

Yes, the actual weather conditions are not being reflected in the Sam. I notice it in other cities, but not the north west

no overcast. no layers, and the visibilities were off.

thats possible, there was an outage for METAR yesterday at KPDX due to communication lines that was repaired. Still, the metar does not match the sim.

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What weather do you have currently, we do not have any weather features in Infinite Flight except the fog. Maybe you could miss something. I am not currently sure.

Also, maybe the airports METARS has not changed during the time your weather changed. That is also what I am expecting. There are delays for weather information sometimes.

i thought of that too. this happened over two days.

i know layers is iffy in IF.

I too was noticing that as well does it work now that it is the day after all the snow and chaos

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