Weather in training server

Hello everyone, i just had a question regarding the weather in the game. I am still in grade 2 and i fly in training server and the weather is always good. There is no rain or fog or sandstorms and its always a clear weather. Does the game have different weathers or its just a clear one. Thank you.

You won’t get weather such as thunderstorms, clouds etc… however you will get real time wind and visibility in game based on the real life METARs of what ever airport you are at if they have one.

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The only “weather” we have is visibility and winds - so if there is low visibility that will show with fog. We don’t have rain or anything like that.

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Firstly, welcome to the community. It’s fantastic to have you join us!

I would strongly recommend voting for the feature request which is linked below if you are interested in seeing other weather events added to the simulator in the future:

Additionally since you’re a new member of the Infinite Flight Community, I believe you might find these two topics linked below helpful also:

Looking forward to seeing you around in the community and seeing your contributions to the community in the future. Take care!

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