Weather in live mode


I was just wondering what determines the weather (wind condition etc) in live mode? Generated at random or does the weather match real life weather at the time?


It matches real-time weather data!


That’s explains the crazy weather in Canberra a couple of hours ago!


So we are not gonna have easy flight in Florida in spring and summer😀😀😀


Oh damn imagine if IF Live was up and running during hurricane sandy 😳.

Or even Katrina.

Long live the DC-9!


That why they should add desert region such as phoenix and UAE phoenix gets 125 in the summer!


Watch the overweight A380s go off the end of the runway in the dead of summer in Phoenix :grin:.

So many violations…

Long live the DC-9!


i just think with all this fog/mist…would be cool on a clear day…see some real looking clouds and actually fly through them…a little boring now with low visibility…


(@JQW). Short Answer, it’s a live NWS feed. Here’s the long answer from a previous post in narrative form:

Always had confidence in IF Wx Reporting! Just for grins I just stuck my head out the door before a Thunderstorm arrival at my place near RSW in SWFla. This time of years the directional wind shift in the Carib effects the flow and you can set your clock and expect a thunderhead build up about 3 from the SW in the afternoon and driving rain for a period just befor dinner. Heres the data. NWS automated: 1600Q (converted) 33006k/10mi broken base 030. IF: 33006k/10 mi broken base030. RSW, TAF: 31803k/6mi Tunderstorms from SW in Vic Tops to 180/base 020 est. RSW ATIS Tunderstorms Warning/Lightning useing Rwy 06. 1630Q. Thunderstorm Overhead wind shift Rwy Chg to 24. ATIS Warning, Reported: 26012k/6 mi. I watched the Rwy Color change on IF as it happened! Now that’s IF Programing Magic. Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends