Weather in Live Expert Server

Hey everyone, I’m currently planning a flight from CYVR - KSFO in Expert Server and I noticed that the weather (at least the fog and/or visibility) is inaccurate.

A couple of photos from CYVR as we speak

Photo of the current weather in Vancouver from my house

I just got back from flying in IF since 2020 and haven’t really keep tracked on what the devs are doing in the sim. Now I know there’s no clouds in IF yet but as I remember correctly, while I was doing flights in Live Mode before and the weather in real life is rainy/cloudy, the weather in IF Live Mode seems to match the visibility and fogginess. But as you can see here at the above photos that I took, the Live Weather doesn’t seem to match it.

Is there something I can fix this through settings, or is this how IF Live Weather works ever since?

Hope y’all can help me with this :)

Hey man we do have clouds now however they do not match live weather yet. You can adjust them in weather settings.

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Yup, just like what babacar said IF has clouds, but not yet matching IRL conditions. We’re also currently limited to a single thing layer of cirrus clouds. There’s an entire team currently working specifically on a project that will hopefully allow for a more realistic experience, and that includes the clouds.

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Oh sweet! I did not know that.

Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it!

Thanks for your help really appreciate it! That really explains everything.

Do you have a rough idea on when the devs can complete this? Or at least a blog post about it?

Project metal is being kept fairly under the radar in terms of dev updates, and no one really knows when it will be released or anything like that. Here’s the original post about it back in 2020 (Project Metal - #263 by Pilot_Dan1), almost all the updates on the progress have been talked about on the IF youtube channel during staff streams, and any other time developers have been brought on stream.

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I see. Hoping it would be completed soon.

Thanks for your help again! 👍

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