Weather in IF

Is there a way I can see the weather “wind, pressure, or storms” while flying?

I don’t have IPhone .

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When clicking on an airport, where you would see the altitude of it, there should be a metar below that says the winds, example : 03027KTS, Wind is 030 degrees at 27 knots. Hope this helped! :)

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Wind can be found in some live cockpits. It is also found on the HUD to the right of your Ground and Mach speed. It can also be found under ‘Weather > Winds’ in the status bar (bottom of screen)

Pressure can be found on ‘Weather > Pressure’ on the status bar.

Storms aren’t in IF, the way to tell is pressure and winds in game. I’d suggest looking at for the weather info, since Infinite Flight uses real time global weather in game. For airport information on the ground, see Shane’s post above.


Yes, I know this method, but is there another way that is similar to the way it is found for iPhone users?

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How… do iPhone users find out? It’s the same game under the same coded software.


When you click on the status bar, you can scroll right until you reach weather. There, you will find temperature pressure winds and visibility.

As @Shane mentioned, it can be viewed in the departure & arrival airport as METAR reports! However, i assume you are asking for weather reports during your cruise. Hence, there is no way you can forecast the weather ahead & unfortunately you have to depend on third party weather maps for that.

Note that, in the status bar of the Infinite Flight, you can replace any info with the “wind” tab to get live updates of the wind only!

Yes, there is a program that explains a map linked with
But this program is only for iPhone users.

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What program is this for iPhone users, just out of interest?

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Could you link it to us? I am an iPhone user and I have no idea what you’re talking about.


When you press and hold the status bar, you can select what you want there. That is the current winds at LAX

I think, it’s [ForeFlight]

If you want to plan ahead and decide your fuel and stuff, you can use windy at free of charge, and it is available on both iOS and Android.

This program I think everyone who has an iPhone, will know what I mean

ForeFlight is an Apple only app integrated with IF yes. Sadly I don’t believe there is any Android replacement, only the other 3rd party apps.

Thank you @Ecoops123,
For that I asked if there are another ways to use this app than for iPhones

Ah! Don’t you have to pay for it to connect with IF?

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Hi @Zuhair_Al-ajmi,

Here are some tips for checking weather -

  1. You can click on any airport to get the ground weather.
  2. If your plane supports live cockpit, the panel will show you the current winds at your altitude.
  3. You can toggle in the bottom status bar and choose winds to see them.
  4. There are winds shown in the HUD.
  5. You can use as a third party app as mentioned by @Ecoops123 .

Hope these would help you 😉
Cheers !

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