Weather in IF

Does the weather change by its self on IF and do you get thunderstorms and heavy turbulence ✈✈✈

The weather in Infinite Flight is based on real weather world-wide! On the live servers you can not change the weather, however in Solo Mode you can change the weather.

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There also isn’t any rain, there are however heavy winds and low visibility conditions as well as temperature considerations.


You can check the winds on - use it all the time since it was showed to me :)

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But I would like to have rain,snow and maybe hail

Rain, snow and hail isn’t available. Only the things mentioned above are implemented as weather features.

Some devices may not be able to handle it. The textures for rain and snow require lots of what’s called VRAM, or video random access memory. Some devices may not have enough, so it can hurt the performance of the game.

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You don’t get rain on thunderstorms in IF but you do get turbulence and low visibility conditions. In solo you can change conditions to what you want but in online you can’t, however if you do want see your destinations weather use or any other thing you can get like IF checklists which tells you the weather accurately

There is a feature request out there, which you can vote for:

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