Weather in flight

Does infinite flight have real weather? Everywhere i see it seems to be as glorious sunshine not im complaining i was just wondering, also does daytime turn to night on certain flights


Barring rain effects being rendered in the game, all weather in Infinite Flight is reflective of the real world. If, for example, the East Coast of America is being battered by hurricanes in the real world, you can expect to see some airports in the region have some incredibly funky winds. I believe Laura might have posted a bit of herself flying in these extreme weather phenomenas.

As for time being progressed during flights, that’s something that will absolutely happen. If you have your time set to “Current Time” in app as you fly, you will most definitely see a sunrise or sunset as time will progress normally.

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To put it simply, all real world weather data is added in the flight sim in real time except for precipitation.

There’s wind, fog, turbulence (kinda weather), 2D clouds (set manually), and pollution (If you fly to some Asian cities the visibility will be affected and this is pollution most of the time)


Are the flights in real time for example a uk airport to greece which would normally take 3 and half hours

Hi Geofly123,

All flights and journeys are realtime on live servers, with the entire globe being of a realtime state (or a custom time of your choice, however seconds are always a second long, hours are always an hour etc). The speed of your aircraft will account to the flight time of your journery.

Thanks for the feedback

Do you have ‘current time’ on?

Im new to the simulation so ive been flying on casual server and solo, how do i get onto the training server
To learn atc ete etc,

This goes with the grading system, by flying on Casual -and not Solo- you will gain some XP, flight hours and general experience

In the stats menu, you can see the requierements for each server/grade.

To learn the ATC commands and more, you can see the manual seen below: User Guide

I agree we need some more realistic things here. Like more clouds able to see rain and have grey clouds near the weather

What is runway heading when taking off?

I think 360

It’s what it sounds like :)

Fly the same heading as the runway.

If you go on the map, click on the airport a box will appear, click that and select RWY for a page with the runway information. This will show the exact heading of the runway there so for example. A runway labelled 26 may actually be 262 degrees. You can do this for any airport in Infinite Flight.

I would also recommend the User Guide for help in all and any aspects of flying for people that are new to the sim. It has some amazing info and tutorials as well as there YouTube channel.

I was told after takeoff to click the heading tab on the autopilot wether that is right im not sure

Heading is the same as direction, and is measured with a compass. 360° (sometimes seen as 0° or 000°) is North, 090° is East, 180° is South, and 270° is West. Runway heading is the direction that the runway points in, or the direction the plane is flying going straight down the runway.

By pressing the HDG button on the autopilot, yes that will set your current heading.

Im flying from Heathrow to jfk but i only have to altitudes on the flight plan 2000ft at the beginning and 1800ft at the end but at the minute im at 30,000ft so when should VNav be selected for decent

You can select VNAV at any time. It’ll automatically descend when it’s closer to the waypoint at which that target altitude is set.

However, make sure to be ready at the device when it starts to descend, as you may want to slow down your aircraft before 10,000ft to 250 knots if on the Training server, to avoid a violation (and if you want to go ultra realistic - Turn on your landing lights at 10,000 feet)

You can also adjust Clouds FEW, SCT, BKN (Cirrus Form)19000FT -above with the recent METAR your flying around☀️🌤☁️
TO make a Better sky Condition effect😉

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