Weather Help

I’m 80 NM out of Okinawa in an a321, and for a while now the weather status has been offline…

Its 90 knots, and because it is offline, it is still at 90 knots, and I’m afraid I have to circle and wait for the weather to come back online.

Is there nothing I can do but wait? How long are they down for on average?


What’s your altitude?

Wait 6 minutes and it should reconnect.

Weather will resolve itself when able.


Descending thorugh 16,000 feet

The weather resets at the top of every hour, so if it isnt fixed by then, you might want you restart your device or reinstall…

okay thansk

I think Chris resolved it

Please refrain from telling people to reinstall for items that a reinstall may not fix. We have dedicated resources for support and while we appreciate the help sometimes the rogue advice with no merit often hurts instead of helps. The fewer people we have throwing resolutions at the wall to see what sticks the less likely the OP will get confused. We appreciate the help but please let us do our jobs.


The weathers back online :) tysm