Weather, Global server connection on red

When planned on making a 1hr flight, after I spawned all is fine status all green, also after departure normal. Then when I’m starting the approach to destination,I clear cached, calibrate. After entering the ILS, I noticed status turned red then when i checked its the weather, then after reaching the final I noticed all of a sudden the airport disappeared/runway. I checked again the status then saw the global server was on red also. Same happened also to my next two flights that I did. Does anyone experiencing this, after the update?


Maybe you should restart your device, a simple device restart should resolve everything. Otherwise, you can email the infinite flight support team for help.

I reinstalled the app many times after this happened

Those are two separate servers, so the issue most likely does not originate here. They’re even placed with two different providers.

Weather is like it is, it can act up due to us relying on 3rd party API’s. But Global server… how much storage is available?

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Well on my phone I still have 3gb free space. But the prob is happens on my approach/preparing to land that all of a sudden the airport/runway disappeared

Here is one of my flight I did yesterday

In that case you will need to clear the scenery cache in the General Settings. Sometimes the scenery won’t load perfectly which includes the disappearance of Airports.

I always do that after my preparation for landing/final approach or after entering the GPS/ILS

Still doesn’t explain why the servers are experiencing intermittent issues. The global server issue anyway.

Dunno also, i suddenly experienced this after the update :(

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Sorry to infringe on your thread @RonGel04 I needed to show this screenshot of the issue this threads about. The screenshots show weather, this time is ok but the global server still seems to be experiencing issues. What’s causing it?

That is what I’m encountering now this past flights i made, even though I make flights, it becomes useless at the end cause can’t see airport/runways where do i’ll land and even though i continue my touch down at any airports, will gonna cause me to quit my flight after, before it cause me violation on the ground :(.Well lucky for u can see the airport and runways

@RonGel04 I’m flying now so I’ll keep an eye on it. It’s all green at the moment. Weather I’m not even going to begin with, there’s been many threads reporting about that and even the mods/staff have said it’s normal so I don’t know what to reply to that. As far as the global server issue is concerned we’ve asked but no response. I guess it’ll resolve itself on it’s own, if not I’m sure other users will report an issue whilst flying. For you I don’t know what to suggest mate, have you tried all the troubleshooting steps? Let me know if you find a solution to it, hope it works out for you.

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While in flight after encountered that global server issue at first, clear cached before landing as i always do on my every flights, then after knowing still didn’t worked, I reinstalled the app many times now but still the same, for now I’m just waiting for it to be resolved in no time :)

Why do you always clear the scenery cache before landing? I know you mentioned your device is low on storage ain’t it? It could be a matter of things causing it a hardware or software fault.

To add, I’m not having that issue where the airports are disappearing. I haven’t as of yet had such an issue. I just want to know why the servers are having a fit and go offline, come back go offline again. No-one has explained this. I understand it must be extremly annoying, and no resolution.

I didn’t mention for low storage, actually i still have 3gb free, I clear cache because every time i see issues regarding about glitches, bugs(like this foto here while I’m taxiing).They always suggests to clear cache, so that I do always in every flights I make.

Ok. I wouldn’t recommend clearing the cache just for the sake of it. If there’s not an issue when your using the game, I don’t see the point. Like you have already been doing so because of this server issue ok clear the cache, reset the settings blah blah. Personally I don’t think it’s you or me, I think and it’s my view it’s something to do with the services Infinite Flight use their data centers they use I’m not sure.

Yup, i hope it will be fixed in no time :)

Have you tried a new flight recently?

Yup tried another couple this afternoon still same issue, after touch down(for landing counts) then quit flight to avoid violation on ground