Weather Failing

I am doing a long flight and the system says the weather is fine but the METARs are not shown and the airport just says there is no weather. Anything I can do to reset in flight?

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Try resetting the app and if that does not work try deleting it and download it back.

That’s the ring, I’m in a long flight and would like not to have to end it

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Ok. When you are done with the flight do the things I said.

Right now since you are on a long flight use another device to look at the weather where you plane is right now.

Ok, sounds good. Was just wondering if it was possible to reset it. I am not sure when I’ll end it that’s why I asked

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It will end your flight.

I was having the same problem for a while, and it was on the destination airport. Yesterday, when I was about to land at LAX, the METAR showed “No Weather”.

There are no known issues. When this happens it is typically an invalid response from the METAR provider that resolves itself over time.

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