Weather During Seasons

ahh, the summer In Russia, North Canada, and all cold places no snow or anything, nah, it is the summer right!

Ahh the winter, Russia North Canada clear ground What???
that is right, in most places the ground is 100% clear
even when it snows a lot in the winter,
how about this, and it should not be to hard to add

when I turns winter we have some snow textures, and Maybe some Frost On the Taxiway
and Maybe that “Air” in the winter that you get

all the outher topic like this are closed or have 1 vote

The ground imagery is very expensive to purchase and it would cost too much to constantly change it, also you have to remember this is a mobile flight sim which is limited by device capabilities. Not even pc flight sims can render mist air or frost on taxiways, yet.

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Ah makes sense
If Computers can’t even do that then Mobile…
@moderators you can now close this

It would be very cool but there’s so many cooler things to choose from that it makes it hard to vote for this. This seems incredibly advanced compared to the already advanced features requested like buildings, volumetric clouds, various aircraft, ATC features, quality of life features, etc.

Edit: No need to close really, it’s cool for the future.


Yes, that would be possible in the future