Weather down?

Is the weather server down because I have a red exclamation mark and part of me does not want to land into LPMA with a 23kt tailwind?


I doesn’t seem down to me at the moment.

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Welp…guess at this rate I will be landing into LPMA with a 23kt tailwind. That will be fun!

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It’s down for me as well. This might be something wrong with select users… 🤔

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Where are you flying @Pingu?

I’m in San Francisco on the ground.

Ok so its not region based…I’m nearing Madiera.

Having it reset at the top of the hour won’t work - my ETA is 1350Z.

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Could it be your internet connection? I have that happen some times where it disconnects then fixes itself.

Already tried that - didn’t work - and my internet speed is 400MB download and 150MB upload so I would doubt it’s my internet.

standby im testing mine

Luckily they are landing 23 at Madiera so a tailwind shouldn’t be too bad. If it was 05 then I would have diverted.

Yes it is down for me aswell

Weather is fine for me. Is it back up?

YEp down for me. I’m on my way to EIDW and will land there in 1 hour. If the weather still red,i have to land at 67kts😖😖

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@schyllberg can you shed some light? Is there an issue on your end?

Im pretty sure it’s fine here. Got garbage internet speeds lol, and had my friend play if for a bit (on training, not the best idea ever 😬)

Ok here I go - landing into LPMA with a 23kt tailwind - I hope I don’t crash :/

Lucky for me, the winds are only 4kts. But I hope this can get fixed soon for everybody. :\

I’m not lucky😂😅😅 67kts tailwind rn

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Its back to normal, how about u guys?