Weather down?

Hi, is weather down currently ? I cannot find any metar information.
Is it the same for everyone?

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Was flying in Russia 5 minutes ago and the server didn’t give me weather as well. Had a red tick

Nobody can answer for sure other than developers


You can not do anything about it. It should be available again in a couple minutes.

Maybe THIS could be what happens, not entirely sure itll fix the problem: when flying (live), click on either (depending on the one you have) the Green Checkmark, Yellow Wifi Sign, or the Red Exclamation Sign, and see if weather is on a red exclamation sign… If so, either your WIFI could be failing, but i suggest asking any staff

Ok thanks. We just have to wait I suppose.

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Weather was down for me earlier, so I doubt its wifi

Ok, I go back to the skies anyway. Thanks.

It does appear that the METAR services are down as I can confirm that none of them are reporting upon tapping on the airport. Like the others have said, its likely that the METARs will come back online once connection is restored with the data. Until then we just need to be patient, carry on, and have some fun! Thanks for the report. 🙂


I saw Laura tweeted that she was trying sometime with the weather so there’s a small chance it has to do with that. But it’s probably just the server is down for a bit.

It might say weather is down but I faced a 15 knot headwind while landing at KORD.

The weather service that updates the wind may be down. The weather you are experiencing may be stale (from an older time)

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Weather mis reported at ATL as KAUS. I didn’t get a chance to screenshot during live flight but ATL METAR reported weather from different airports.

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