Weather doesn't change smoothly

Especially in the case of low visibility, the reflection of weather information is too late.
In spite of low visibility, sky looks clear on the final. Then Visibility became lower just after landing.
What’s wrong? My settings?


This is a known issue with the visibility not changing until you are on the ground.


I cant believe that after so much time they still not bother to fix it


Weather from METAR only applies very close to the airport. This is why if weather server goes down, you need to do a fly over to get the airport weather first.

@NeperQiell I think there is just no visibility info for weather not from a METAR.

It is a known issue. They are working on it.

Also, this belongs in #general or #live. #thirdparty:developer is for third party development. So stuff that isn’t to do with Infinite Flight LLC specifically, which this is.

It’s not realistic to fly with clear visibility all the way down to the airport and then drastically change to the airport’s actual visibility in the ground. I remember this worked perfectly and the visibility started to change in higher altitudes as it’s supposed to be but i don’t know what happened.
They said its a ‘‘known issue’’ literally a year ago and we still havent heard nothing. I asked for an update about this issue from staff members but i got ignored

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The issue is most likely a lot more complicated than a simple code change. If it was a quick fix, it would’ve been done already. The developers are currently working hard to fix the remaining issues caused by 20.1, so I highly doubt this is their highest priority right now. I do not speak for the development team in any way — I am purely speculating.


Yeah I can see it being difficult. It’s more than just the fog. When landing at YOW the other day I can 30-40 knots of wind on approach when there’s only less than 20 on the ground… And almost complete crosswind…

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The problem is that this isnt just some random minor issue, quite the opposite actually. While you may be completely right that this might not be a quick fix, they had a lot of time to try and fix it as this has been going on for a really long time. I simply demand some explanation by the staff but this issue continues to be ignored


If you balanced your disappointment with more questioning you would try to find a reason why they wouldn’t have fixed it by now. Maybe they can’t, maybe they want to annoying the users for the fun of it.

We are not indoors, if they say this is a known issue, well this is a known issue and that’s it. You can’t do much about it, complaining won’t make the problem disappear.

Or maybe since no one complains they dont even bother fixing it

They are building a flight simulator. The focus these last month was IFR (VORs NDB DME and now STAR/SID) and maybe next will be meteo. Just wait, it may be 1 month or 5 years away but it will come.

Yesterday I was landing at LDZA just about 2500ft on the ILS the wind started picking up. For a second I thought I had to go around.

Unfortunately weather doesn’t match the METAR in the arrival and landing and it lasts a long time to become as same as the METAR even sometimes after exiting the runway. We have had this issue since about 2 years ago when weather change or update mechanism was changed. Prior to that, weather became exactly as same as the METAR in the short final of destination airport.
A few months ago I announced this issue somewhere else, and one of active staffs said that famous sentence: “it is a known issue” and promised to be solved in the next update (version 20)
About 1 hour ago I had a landing in Chicago Midway Airport and the METAR was:
KMDW 251953Z 08010KT 10SM SCT065 SCT085 BKN250 28/13 A2995 RMK AO2 SLP133 T02780128

Now look at these screenshots:

Hopefully someday this problem will be solved or IF utilize its previous version of the “weather change or update mechanism”.

I believe I heard from one of the live streams by the staff, saying that they were addressing the issue with fog or low visibility, and that a change would be coming once clouds are introduced into the simulator. I mean don’t take my words to literally, I’m sure that’s what I remember hearing. No clouds yet, so who knows.

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