Weather direction change?

I feel after 19.4, the weather direction that is displayed in IF is changed.

Is the weather that is shown in the weather section in a airport viewed so when it says the wind is 150 the wind is coming from Heading 150° or to Heading 150°?

It’s blowing from 250

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Winds are always coming from somewhere.

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Please be patient. We all have lives 🙃

Also it confuses me too. I believe it comes from 150, every time I fly I check the winds at my departing and arriving airport.


I was talking about if it was displayed from or to the Heading

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100% sure it’s from and not to


If the metar says wind 250@X, it’s coming from 250. If you were to choose a runway that has the most direct headwind, choose the one which number is closest to 250. E.G. I would choose runway 20 from runway 15 as 200 is closer to 250


even on the wind tab at the bottom you should see that the arrow is coming from the heading written next to it.

Well, I answered it; it’s coming from somewhere.

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So the Wind is from and Runway to?
Thank you I just needed to switch Runway sometimes because I wasn’t sure on my thinking.

Sorry but could you elaborate a bit more? The wind that is displayed in the HUD, METAR and ATIS and anywhere else you’d see it it’s always where it’s coming from.
Edit: I just understood your question Will explains it below👇

Yes. Wind is coming from and runway is going to.

If you’re lined up on runway 16, you’ll be heading 160. If winds are at heading 160, you’ll have a direct headwind.


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