Weather Charts

I’m currently flying near New Zealand and facing 140kts side winds and being faced with 0.7g up to 1.3g. Are there any known websites or apps I can use to see weather around me to see if I can alter my flightpath to calmer weather?

Windy is a good website to see winds and weather all around the world.


That’s perfect, thanks a lot

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It appears I’m in a storm, explains the now 170kts wind

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I use windy verry often like for my flight from KJFK to WSSS right now there i changed the flight plan so i am flying around strond headwind

Does it support liveflight?

what do you mean whit support ?
if you mean the picture i send than no that are only two different screenshots i put together to se if i am flying around the head wind.

Ah right, I didn’t know what that was showing

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