Weather cavok

WHY is the weather always CAVOK?

CAVOK means Clouds And Visibility OK - so it just means conditions are good.

There’s often no need to clutter up the ATIS with unnecessary detail if CAVOK is deemed sufficient.


I am unsure if it always says cavok but I do know that cavok stands for clouds and visibility ok when visibility is more than 10km and cloud base is higher than 5000 feet or minimum sector altitude. It is an easy way to say weather is good instead of saying each thing in a meter or atis.

What I mean is why is the weather always 10/10 like it’s always perfect VFR weather and it gets kinda boring

As for visibility, it at least does render fog at low altitudes. But this is dependent on what the ATIS says at the airports in the surrounding area. If it’s clear, it’s probably clear there in real life as well.

As for clouds, it’s just hard for Iphones and IF servers to render those things. There is a very crude cloud layer in IF that’s adjustable by going into the weather menu. But other then that, sore out of luck.


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