Weather bug today at LFPG

Device: Motorola edge 40
Operating system: Android

I experienced a really odd bug today. At my departure airport the conditions were very weird already. The terminals and other textures were all normal colour but all tarmac was white. The markings could be seen tho, so i was able to make my way on the runway and takeoff without any problems and didn’t make anything of it. I thought it was just something to do with the christmas event. While in flight the visibility was around 15-30 meters (Approximate guess, the runway wasn’t seen right about when i took off and looked through the outside camera). This remained throughout the whole flight. On approach to LFPG however, things got way worse. The conditions were totally absurd. I had to quit the app to not get a violation and disturb traffic flow. I was not able to see the runaway at all, while i was on it. No lights, markings nothing. It was literally not there. I was able to see the tower with the terminals while on final approach, but no runways or taxiways. However even that i was able to see just the last few seconds before touching down. Because i was not sure if it was just the extreme weather i wasn’t yet concerned before i landed. But after i did i almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Im 100% sure I didn’t miss it as i was landing via approach mode and was perfectly aligned. I double checked the map to make really sure, but i was there. The runway, wasn’t. It was totally white all around the aircraft from every camera angle. As i said before, the tower and terminals could be seen, but nothing else. It was just as if it disappeared. I’m not if this issue was only on my device or if it was just server set “real time live” weather. But this made me unable to navigate whatsoever making me risk threatening the airport’s operations. I hope this is just an error my device that can be resolved. I will be thankful for any helpful advice.


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Because everything was white, like mist?
Or because the destination airport wasn’t loading?

Hello, seemed more like it wasn’t loading. The tower, terminals and other textures were. Not the runways and taxiways. It really was not something i ever seen before. I flew in extreme wather. But this was clearly a bug.

Sounds like a scenery issue.
Clearing the cache will solve issues like that.

I see. That’s certainly a relief. I will do that right away and reload the app. Thank you very much for the quick response i really appreciate it🙏.

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Hi Eliax,

I was tower and ground controller at LFPG earlier today. Visibility wasn’t great but wasn’t poor either - 6000 meters with broken clouds at 800 feet.

Sorry to hear you ended your flight early. I’m extremely lenient when it comes to issuing violations (i.e. you really have do to something wrong). That said, I give your a big kudos for being considerate of other pilots and airport operations.

Per @Jan said, sounds like a scenery issue, clearing the cache should fix you up.

I’m done controlling Paris for the day, but I invite you to start another flight for the full Paris ATC experience.