Weather bug solo mode and multiplayer

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I like to play on solo mode on the easiest weather conditions, so I can just enjoy flying. I have it set to default as 15°C in zero winds. And when I climb, the temperature drops as usual but then after sometime, it returns right back to 15celsius in an instant so my plane has to readjust to the temperature change. It’s frustrating and it happens every 15 minutes or so while cruising, any fixes to this?

And then, when I go from multiplayer back to solo mode, I want to go back to the default temperature, but it keeps going back to the temperature It was in multiplayer last time.

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I’m not too sure about this one but it could just be a bug. I can’t think of any physical reason why the sim may do something like that.

This is likely just due to the temperature defaulting to the real life temperature when you spawn in. I believe the time does the same thing when you spawn in on solo… if you were using the current time in multiplayer, then it will use the current time when you spawn in on solo.

I found this topic from a little bit ago that may be able to explain some of this stuff a little better…

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong somewhere :)

Thanks for the reply!

Im thinking its likely a bug, it just started doing this, hopefully it gets fixed

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I’ve had it on speed I was Mach 0.77 and it was like 505 knots ground speed and it should be 437 Knots ground speed and I get the over sped violation or warning to then sometimes it’s plumits down

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