Weather bug right now

Winds keep changing wildly and it seems to be affecting the airplane performance, I am at cruise and the throttle keeps going up to max and then back down to cruise power.


You may be in an area of severe turbulence? Could you check this?

If not, is the icon beside ‘weather’ in the top right of the screen red?

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Yes it was red, but is now green, but keeps changing red to green
Its not turbulence, its a bug, winds aloft doesn’t go from 0 - 66 knots in a matter of seconds at the same altitude


Ok, so it seems as if it is a connection problem. Are you on WiFi or cellular?

Well I’ve remained connected to the server so it cant be this…

We have a fix for this and a few other things prepared for 20.02.01 (hotfix). Something goes wrong on the hourly update when you’re nearby a valid METAR. We’re aware.


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