Weather ATC ATIS!?

I have a question regarding this controllers decision to make runway 25 the arrival and departing airport wind is 080 @8kts I just want to know how this controller got a approved! it is basic knowledge that you always depart and land into the wind

That’s @Declan_O an very experience controller. It’s controllers choice on which runways are in use.

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Winds are 8 knots. Unless they are 10knots+, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Also, since Barcelona is packed, runway changes are very difficult to execute so most of the time they are stuck.

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runway changes can be difficult in IF therefore we dont change the active runway unless the wind exceeds 10kts

@Declan_O is a very experienced controller who is a recruiter for IFATC and a moderator here on the forum.


The runway is at the controllers discretion, anything under ten knots shouldn’t be an issue and besides, runway changes are difficult to manage too.


Sometimes I wonder how I got approved as well… but in all seriousness, we only complete runway changes when the wind is more than 10kts tailwind component.