Weather at Destination

I’m currently flying to OTHH but there’s no weather information there. There’s no green indication in the airport icon… though some airports’ weather around are working… OMDB and OBBI have the same issue… Winds aloft is working perfectly… Would that affect my arrival into the airport?

Hello! Please try an app restart when your done with your flight!

Lots of people have had this issue before and the restart should work

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Ok but what about my arrival? I have 41 knots wind now, will that be the wind on arrival?

What altitude are you at?

What’s your ETE? The weather resets at the top of the hour, so if you land after 1900Z you should be ok.

Also, since your flying to OTHH and the METAR isn’t showing up. You can use this

Cruising at FL380

You should be good for now. I would use as a temporary solution to scope out the winds on the surface.

The problem is in the wind that will face me at the arrival airport not just the information… I have many resources for METARs

I need 25 minutes…

The problem is in the wind speed itself… that means i will face 41 knots winds which is completely not the real case… All other indications at the right top corner are green though

OTHH looks OK from within the app here.
If all goes as planned, it should restore for you in about 10 minutes.

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@schyllberg The icon is blue without weather information when you tab on it

To adress your concerns about having to land in 41 knot winds, you won’t since you’re scheduled to land around 1915Z, and the weather resets at 1900Z. No need to worry.

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We’ve checked both on the server and in the app for OTHH, so it’s all there and should therefore be there for you as well. But as it isn’t, the top of the hour refresh should resolve it.


Thank you… Hopefully i will get the true weather on approach

@schyllberg Unfortunately still no changes… Some airports around have weather and some don’t

The weather system can be a bit off… we’re usually it will work just fine and other times it just doesn’t work at all we’re I have no weather at all but everything else is just fine.

I usually get a red Weather Server icon… But today it was a different story in which there’s no weather information at the airport although some others have…

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