Weather and Terrain Radar

what do you think of adding the Weather and Terrain Radar to the ND. I know we don‘t have clouds and thunderstorms in IF but there is a lot of Terrain. I think it would be a nice to have Feature!

I’ve always been curious as to why it’s never been there before. This has my support, and my vote!


The issue is there’s no weather in the game :/


Nope, that is displaying it on the map screen, this is saying about having it on the navigation display (ND), in the live cockpit. Also, that one primaily talks about weather, this one covers weather and terrain. I guess iy’s up to the mods, but
I think this one is a bit different.

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My bad. Didn’t see that. I’ll remove my post.

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I think this will be especially good to have when project metal comes out because then we will get clouds and stuff so it would fit in perfectly :)

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You have my vote. Nothing to say.

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This would not require too much work but this is definitely something for the future, But as you might know, feature requests often take years! So you have my vote.

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We need this! This is extremely helpful especially when you are flying into airports at high elevations or when you have bad weather. I’m gonna try to clear up a vote.

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I would love this feature, but I believe there is some problem that occurs with the new scenery used for global that either made the old terrain map incompatible or not possible. I can’t quite remember. Still gonna try to clear a vote for this, though. Would be super useful for complicated approaches into tricky airports.

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Three words:
Got. My. Vote.

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Map terrain would definitely be higher priority over this.

This would be awesome to have. Hope to see it in game!

There is but you just can’t see it

There is turbulence, but that does not show on weather radar. Only water does

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Really nice idea and a more satisfying look in the cockpit!

There is similar Feature topic explaining about improved terrain mapping in the cockpit displays. You might want to check this topic below since it may be unfortunately duplicate.👇

We already confirmed that it was not a duplicate topic :)

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Wait! The other topic was explaining the Navigation map while flying. Well, my bad.

This feature is going to be very helpful in case of wake turbulence. Hopefully with weather coming in the future. I would vote but I don’t have enough unfortunately. :)


I was about to create a duplicate topic, but we already got one.

This feature is a must have on IF as I randomly fly into a very bad weather while flying and never know when it will end, I also can’t know how the weather is ahead which is a bit frustrating and annoying.

You have my support and my last vote left 👍

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Thank you for the Vote ! I really hope the Devs think about this Idea…