Weather and API issue for a long period

I’ve had weather and API issues for one day,so I thought “oh it’s just a short quick issue”But this continued to today and I’m wondering why this time the issue is taking a longer time.I can say that some airports weather are fine but other airports re experiencing weather issues ,Is there something different to this issue?

As u can see LAX DEN DFW all have no weather info
I restarted did all those steps too


I have had this issue (on/off) for a while now. I am experiencing API issues and weather connection issues at random points in the day and at random locations.

Is this just a glitch or a bigger issue

And before anyone asks:

I have:

restarted phone (several times)
deleted IF (several times)
reinstalled and logged back into IF (several times)
cleared Scenery Cache (several times)
cleared phone Memory (several times)
backed iPhone up onto my computer

still happening



What device do you have?
Version of Infinte flight
Is your phone jail broken [yes/no]

iOS is latest
IF is latest
I pad air 2 is 100% fine
I use max graphics and limit frame rate is ON
Anti alising is ON

Weather data unavailable…
2 days there is not weather…
What is problem? Problem with server?

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Thanks for the report!
We’ll look into it. Seeing the same things regarding the weather.


We’re resetting the servers affiliated with this. Hopefully it should be good shortly!


Experienceing the exact same since yesterday

Still having API and weather issues

iPhone X
IOS 11.4 (latest)
IF version (latest)
Not jailbroken

Me too - looks like a common issue!

Situation with weather is very strange, just now crossing Atlantic and because of weather I am still flying against strong wind. So you can not calculate fuel consumption because with 100+kt headwind all your calculation are for nothing… :-(

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Now I’m getting the problem. It looks like maybe everyone is getting this?

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Same issue occurring on android

API is working. But weather isnt.
Samsung Tab A

Just landed, because of weather not working, I have almost no fuel when stop at the gate…



It should all be good now as additional capacity have been added.
I just spawned in myself and all was green.


All good here! Thanks FDS for fixing the issue.

BTW @schyllberg when will Mark announce this weeks FNF. I want to plan my routes for tomorrow.

Thanks! Now it looks better))