Weather aloft connection issue (a serious look)

I think this needs to be looked at. It’s disconnecting more often than usual and here I am again almost at base facing headwinds of 76 knots. This doesn’t seem like the normal disconnection like they used to be.


It could be that your connection needs to be refreshed, you can try turning on airplane mode for 30 seconds.

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Can confirm issue. Enroute over the Atlantic from Amsterdam to Toronto.
I’m quite happy to not get the actual headwind lol


It can happen that you get that red icon.
It usually corrects itself after a couple of minutes, when it refreshes.

It has been down for a while now

This isn’t my first time discussing this, others have talked about very similar issues. On my end I haven’t changed anything internet connection wise.

I was fighting 76 knot tailwinds coming from my southwest. Brutal landing. Not normal in my view, it never got this bad twice.

I’ve got the same problem :(

It’s all green on my end now


Just fixed for me too

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Great! But why has it been so extreme recently? I had one flight where I was on base and I had direct headwinds of 160… Imagine trying to stay lined up with the runway.

It could be external issues, not IF issues. Schyllberg would know.

Let’s see what he says!

Usually happens when we get corrupt data from NOAA’s API. We can’t do much about it I’m afraid and it usually restores when the data is refreshed on top of the hour.

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Are you happy with Schyllbergs answer @bc3010 ?
If so this topic can be closed

It’s beyond their control so there isn’t much more to add. All set.