Weather alert Australia

Hi everyone 124 kt winds across Southern Queensland into Northern New South Wales as I start my descent into Sydney from Hong Kong 🤪 enjoy your flight if you are around here buckle up

The usual there

Ok 128 knots now

what altitude?

37000 feet

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I’ve had around 200kt winds across the Atlantic before. This is nothing 😎


Once experienced 270kts in the South Western Pacific(just North East of Auckland) ;)

Enjoy the winds though.

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Approaching my record now at 140 my record is 155

You must have been sideways 😂

It was actually a nice tailwind. I spent less than 2h doing Auckland-Rarotonga(Cook Islands). But on the trip back, this time non-stop to Sydney, I had to continue westbound all the way to Fiji to avoid the strong winds. All this on an A320.

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Oh ok that’s some wind speed in a small aircraft ! This 787-9 is amazing a slight wave action only and dawn on the eastern seaboard coming soon so nice end to this flight. @Kiz

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The 150s up

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ok, the winds are absolutely NUTS right now, and so is the auto-throttle, I’m in a 787 right now, so you can imagine the wings😂

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