Weather across southeastern Australia

Southeastern Australia has been going through a dangerous weather system covering Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. These damaging winds have been reaching 130 kph. Flooding has occurred in South Australia… Le49ZaQsiYbBcohN

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The weather-related event happens all of the time, there is no need to post this. Also, this is not aviation related as well.

Yeah. I didn’t Sleep last night. The wind was so bad…

This type of weather happens once every 3 years.


Oh well…RIP YSSY profits

R.I.P Frankston Pier

I am the direct opposite, heavy rain and wind knocks me out fast. I hope you guys stay safe.

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I felt Like my Roof Was gonna Fall off…

I feel like I wanna try landing in this weather for fun!

@Gabe_Z this is aviation related if the weather is bad enough. Winds at Sydney (YSSY) are 290@30G40KT

If you know much about aviation, then you know winds guesting 130kts, nothing is leaving the ground… or may I say, have trouble staying on the ground! The way I found out was from this post.

Please humbly leave your opinion to yourself on whether this should have been posted or not. Or better yet, PM the op. Thanks!

To everyone else down under, take care please!


Sorry, but this is a little too far from aviation to warrant its own thread in RWA. We have extreme weather events all over the world all the time, and we can’t quite permit one per event, even if it is in a heavily populated area. Anyhow, these conditions do look pretty horrible so please do all stay safe down there!