Wearable HUD Vision System

Helmet manufactured Helicopters flying at all two thousand passes Passenger Plane
Special helmet of the Israeli firm Elbit helmet similar to any fighter aircraft passenger aircraft passes the idea to help pilots in a low visibility Meanwhile, a number of airlines operating 787 with the helmet
The idea is simple small screen at the front of cameras helmet pilots aircraft and pilots simply presenting excellent visibility
Works like a fighter helmet
Video represents the helmet



This makes absolutely no sense to me…


eh, come again?

Whaaa? I’m confused…

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Governor aircraft landing weather was bad one option to land at the airport then not worth airline pilot then just put the helmet very similar to the helmets of helicopter battle and a great option for landing two cameras at the front of the plane and creates just the kind of simulator

Just a helmet with a small screen like a fighter jet pilot helmet Mstkl small screen of the helmet and that

So helmets with displays for commercial pilots.

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It’s just a very expensive pair of glasses with hud and other stuff on it.

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Yes cameras at the front of the plane to see the distance as aircraft and attack helicopters and a plane like that can land safely

Here is a video showing the system in action. It’s incredible!


Just to remind Elbit manufactures the helmet of F 35 which is one of the most special helmets, too, has a screen and displays the pilot data

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