Wearable Brain Monitoring Systems

This is following the engine blow of the SouthWest flight a while back.

The research leads up to this statement, “Ayaz envisions that the airplane itself might one day be able to assess the cognitive and emotional state of the pilot, and then make adjustments accordingly.”

What i am understanding is that an airplane will begin to make auto adjustments to maybe take control away from a pilot if necessary. Couldn’t this be more dangerous than the pilot controlling even considering their emotional state?

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This seems like a good piece of technology but may also be very failure-prone.

That’s what i was thinking. Although its not similar i dont think, it makes me think of Tesla’s autopilot feature in a way…

Isn’t the tech supposed to skip the pilot’s need to move his/her body to move the controls? Like based on the pilot’s thought, like ”stall recovery, thrott…” and the plane just does it without the pilot shifting anything physically.

Sounds very futuristic