We should hold Mod elections

I personally believe that we should hold elections for the mods who run the forum.

Here is the system:

On December 31 of any year there will be an officially pinned topic run by the highest ranking mod at the time. In the topic users will reply with people that are TL3 (Regular) and show the up-most respect and dignity on the forum. On January 2 that topic will be closed by one of the mods at the time. Then Another topic will be created and a poll that is single choice and does not show who voted will be created. For a Regular to qualify in the poll he/she must have received more than 4 recommendations from the community (regulars can not reply for they are in question). If you (a regular) do indeed qualify a mod at the time shall PM you about the matter at hand. If you agree to be nominated, and do indeed qualify, and meet all the requirements you will be placed on a poll. Then, on January 10 that topic will close and the top 5 regulars with the highest amount, and percentage of votes in the foreshadowing and pre-following poll shall indeed be placed on a ballet. Then from January 11-Febraury 1 another globally pinned wiki topic shall be made (all these topics are globally pinned and wikis BTW) with the same poll types, procedures, and categories/requirements as the previous topics mentioned, the users even regulars and previous mods not selected (regular wise) can vote. On February 1, the top 2 regulars will be upgraded to Mods and with the user/community permission the oldest TL4 members shall be upgraded to mod status, mods can be impeached if a poll deems that election/ or status necessary, and indeed a nessescity, the term will spell, and run out until December 31 of any year such as and alike to all before it, and the cycle and process shall repeat its self and its entirety once more.

I know people are probably going to crush and shame my idea and put me down as usual, but think about it and it is reasonable and a good idea and effort has indeed been put in, please think before you respond, because I know I definite have, both in comment and indeed in topic, such as this, thanks…

From Plane6

  • I want this system.
  • I don’t want this system.
  • I want this ideology just with a different system.

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So what we get people with no experience that have a chance of getting mod?



No I’m saying that people with experience become candidates.

Well it’s not the communities decision. Mods should be decided by mods when a mod is needed.

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Can we have the same system to vote people off the forum?


Yes I suppose so but only if I could vote for who I want to lead to. Personally I would want @g100m, @Riley, @Maxmustang or someone like that to be a mod.

Hmmm maybe we should add this then 😂


Or to vote mods off…? 🤔


You wouldn’t 😢


Not ATC moderators🖖🏻

So you want to make the forum democratic?


Not as in the party, but as in the form of government a democracy, republic, call it whatever you understand what i mean:)

I don’t think there is a need for one, I can tell from the posting styles and tones of a few people that they’re for sure gunning for a mod appointment. I would defer to the moderating team in terms of mod selection, popularity doesn’t mean that they will make a good moderator. We don’t elect our court judges, nor should we elect out moderators.


“Respect and Dignity” popularity in this example iterates in a good manner no bad as is most common in real life.

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