We should have a voting system for new buildings to be added

After seeing the 21.1 thread and having thousands of airport request I believe that we should vote on what airports should be added in the future so it would work like I a voting thread and people could list airports. And infinite flight would choose 10 or more and then we would vote like for example DFW versus IAH and DFW gets 60 votes and IAH gets only 20 so they add DFW in the next update after an airport is updated it’s removed from the list and the one that lost is able to be revoted until it is added

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This can be moved to #features maybe?

The thing is with this is that the devs are going to also be continually improving the airports we already have. Plus this would cause potentially quite large arguments…airport bias likely being one of the topics…

New airports are always in the works, building wise. Eventually, their goal is to have every single airport 3D in the future. I can assure you though that you will not be disappointed 🙂