We should focus more on retired airlines

Hi everyone I just wanted to remind you all of something I’ve been thinking for a while.
Basically the only way that we can experience retired airlines is through old footage or flight simulators.
I’ve noticed that for some time in the updates we have been getting rid of old airlines (northwest airlines and Us airways specifically)
I know they added us airways back on the 757 and that is a good thing but hear me out.
Back a long time ago the only a321 livery was US airways and when they updated it they completely removed the livery. When they updated the 757 they nwa livery was nowhere to be seen. I am not giving any hate towards the developers they are doing a really great job but I hope in the future we can add some more retired/dead airline liveries.
Thank you for listening


Your right I agree with you but I still like the newer airlines as well. @Butter_Boi will surely agree with this aswell.


Its you’re**🥲

And also i totally agree with you in this one @SPB2727_Skyteam


Partly agree, but airlines that actually can be found today should be more important

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Why should current be more important than past, why can’t they be equally important?


I do agree to some extent here. It would be good to take a trip to the past. Familiarize ourselves with what happened in aviation before our time. On the other front, I don’t think that’s what most of IFs audience is looking for. Most aren’t into older airliners. While I agree that it’s cool, I can see why IF focuses more on newer aircraft.

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I agree 100%. Not just airlines either, but planes too. Things like the MD-80 are being forgotten and need to be implemented before it’s too late.


I agree
We need a historical update to IF
Something that woud bring back historical planes/liveries which would bring many more ppl into the game
Like imagine flying the 727 or the Airbus A300
Not to mention everyone’s favourite, the DC-3
I’d definitely play the game more if i saw ky favourite historical plane/ airline
Definitely would make it more enjoyable

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I whole heartedly agree, but there’s that younger audience that has to be appeased. To some people, they think it’s “unrealistic” to have older liveries.

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So sad to see people think like this.

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I mean tbh in IF there’s smth for almost everyone and a lot of those planes are just now being retired
As well as the airlines are JUST being closed down. Not like it was closed in the 50s.
Not to mention IF has SOME fairly older planes like the DC-10 and 757 and i don’t rlly see anyone complaining
Plus if it were an old livery on a newly reworked plane then maybe it’d gravitate towards them idk.
But even then some of those airlines were closed down in the 90s - as late as last year so i don’t see why it would seem as DRASTICALLY old. I might be sounding biased but yh
(Sorry for the long read)

If we would have 50% airlines that we can’t find any routes for this wouldn’t be of any use at all (s. American West, Guyana Airways, etc.). Current operators are also more popular with the majority of the people and offer always changing route networks and a current relation. Finding flight data and other modern tools mostly only work with recent flights and are key to simulation. While I don’t think we shouldn’t have any old liveries, airlines that are still operating should be a priority.
What use do liveries have that nowadays are only found in museums other than some nostalgia, when we can have liveries that can be spotted at the airport right now and in the future.

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Agreed. IMO they should also focus on some older planes like the DC-3, 727, 707, or DH Comet. No hate to the developers though, they are doing a fantastic job.


The retired airlines and aircraft have gotten the present where it is. Why should we focus purely on the now when the past got us to now?

You can always vote/create retired airlines in #features

Usually the current airlines and aircrafts have far more votes than those of retired airlines

In my opinion we have plenty of retired airlines/aircrafts to choose in IF

For example the DC-10 wasn’t flying for anyone but it was still added to IF in recent years

Eh I think the simulator should focus more on adding modern liveries and reworking current aircraft. MD-11 and DC-10 passenger variants are hardly flown. jmo


The MD-11 is my most flown longranger, and belongs to my top-3 in any case. I agree that based on already available classic airliners, some classic airlines like Swissair, Sabena, TWA and many more could find a way into this sim pretty easily, and I hope that this will happen more frequently at some point.

Misunderstood my point. I meant they should focus on adding modern liveries to frequently used airliners. Like the JetBlue repaint for A320.

Doesn’t mean that this is the norm though

Especially because my birthday is 727