We say good bye to the Sea King

The Royal Canadian Air Force is finally retiring the last of its CH-124 Sea Kings. Heath Moffatt captured these stunning photos over Vancouver Island as part of the lead-up to retirement events in Patricia Bay, B.C. this weekend.

The CH-124s have been in service with the Canadians since 1963. The CH-124 will be replaced by the CH-148.


Shame. I loved the look of those sea kings. Nothing like them.


Oh wow. Can’t believe they are retiring them…

Don’t the Australians & Brits still have some in their Navy Fleets?

Aussies use to and the Brit’s just retired their

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What a beautiful helicopter. Sad to see them get retired.

Sad to see em’ go. Served us well


Sad, reminds me of the helicopter version for the 747

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sigh I live a ferry rode drom CFB Comox-Strathcona were Theo were locaties om da islamd its especially stad for me

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