We Remember 9/11

I’m really sad this unfortunate event happened. We bless all those who lost their families on the horrifying event and Rest In Peace to those who perished. Also, Rest In Peace the 2 Boeing 757s and 2 Boeing 767s which were used in the crash.

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I don’t see why we can’t, it affected the aviation world with in a few hours, thousands were killed, thousands became furloughed from the airlines ect


I think this story actually brings up an interesting question when is it too much security? Everything has risks, this new security measure in keeping the roofs locked very likely took more lives than it saved. I suppose this was the unthinkable, but still, raises an interesting question…


I guess since my topic got closed since I never saw this, I will just post it here.
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18 Year Later

18 years ago, the greatest terror attack in known history took place. As four planes crashed into four locations. One in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. One in the South Tower. One in the Pentagon in Washington DC. Finally, one in a field in Pennsylvania. These attacks later came to be called The September 11 Attacks. They, to this date, have been recorded as both the biggest terror attack in human history, and one of the largest aviation incidents in history. This is their story.

It started as a normal morning. Over 2,000 people readied for work at the Trade Center. 300 first responders readied to save lives. 250 people readied for their flights. And 19 hijackers readied to cause havoc. They had one goal, mass destruction. These hijackers were apart of the organization Al-Quida, and this had been a plan in the making. This plan was orchestrated over the day, as all four planes were to be crashed into four different locations.


At 7:46 AM, American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767-200ER pushed back from the gate at Boston Logan International. Flight 11 was one minute behind schedule but continued without any problems. However, there we in fact problems on that plane. 5 hijackers had boarded the plane and were waiting to strike. The plane began its take-off roll at around 8:00 AM. As the plane climbed, the hijackers made their move. They got up, drawing weapons and stormed the flight deck. They subdued they did not actually subdue the pilots, but I am trying to not say kill or provide even more graphic images the pilots, and stabbed a flight attendant. Contact was lost with the flight at 8:14 AM. The hijackers pointed the plane at New York and set off.

At 8:46 AM, the North Tower exploded into flames. The plane had been rammed into the North Tower. The building had begun to be evacuated. News cameras and emergency responders were soon on the scene. They captured some frightening.

Elsewhere in the sky, a second plane soon lost contact with ATC. And pointed itself toward New York. United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767-200 rammed into the South Tower at 9:03. News cameras captured the moment the plane struck, and the top of the tower exploded into fire.

At 9:53, the South Tower began to creak. Bits of it soon began to fall. And in one swift moment, the tower collapsed. This caused the deaths of over 1,000 people. The North Tower soon followed. Both collapses also caused surrounding buildings to crumble, killing many more. Along with that, over 200 first responders were hit and killed in the destruction. The towers were no more. However, the end was nowhere in sight.

At the same time, a third plane failed to contact ATC. This plane was American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757-200, was soon hijacked at 8:51 AM. It pointed itself toward Arlington, Pennsylvania. At 9:37, a pilot of a C-130 reported a fireball coming from the Pentagon. He said, “Looks like that aircraft crashed into the Pentagon, sir.”

He was true, the plane had impacted the Pentagon in a big ball of fire. The Western side of the Pentagon, completely devastating it. This killed many employees working at the facility, including many high-level personnel. The Naval Command Center was completely devastated. Footage soon was recovered of the crash, and I will let it do the talking.

Elsewhere in Shanksville, Pennsylvania a plane hit a field. Why a field? One of the greatest feats in the attack had been committed minutes prior.

United Airlines Flight 93 was a normal flight, or was supposed to be. The plane, a Boeing 757-200 took off from Newark Liberty International at 8:40 AM. By then, American Airlines Flight 11 was 4 minutes out from the North Tower. At 9:28 AM the hijacking began. The hijackers stormed the flight deck and took out the pilots and a flight attendant. They pointed the flight towards DC and got underway. In the hour that followed, the passengers became aware of the hijacking. They also received calls from loved ones alerting them to the aircraft crashing into the world trade center.

The first mayday rung out as the flight deck was breached.

Soon after, the passengers began to plan. They needed to take back the aircraft from the hijackers. After things were finalized, they called loved ones and wished them farewell. Then they began to revolt. They stormed the aircraft and took out the hijackers. In the chaos, the plane later became inverted and plummeted toward the ground. The aircraft crashed in a field in Pennsylvania at 10:03 AM, all on board died.

These attacks have affected us as a nation and as a world altogether. We have increased security at borders and airports, taken further measures to prevent hijacking on board aircraft, and have been stricter on terrorism. This attack also started the war on terror. We have since been locked in the longest war in human history, spanning almost 20 years.

As you wrap up reading this, I want you to take four minutes of silence, one for each of the planes that were hijacked and crashed in an attack that galvanized the nation.

And as I finish, up I want to tell you that we cannot and will not forget this attack that changed things. We will never forget


My mother’s birthday is today, just how can I celebrate the same date as the biggest terrorist attack in history?


Buy her a piece of the Twin Towers? I got one 😃.


Wow that’s a great idea!

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UA Flight 93 jet bridge pic I took I while back. Never forget :(


Ah yes, 9/11. The deadliest aviation incident and terrorist attack in US History. A truly somber day for all of America.

There’s not much I can say about this topic. I neither experienced it, nor knew of it. I wasn’t even alive. However, my heart goes out to all of the husbands, wives, parents, children, employers, employees, and anyone else who lost a friend or family member in the treacherous attacks. To this day, they have to live knowing that they’ll never see that loved one again. It’s a pain not many of us can relate to. Not being able to say that final goodbye, not being able to hold their hand, not even being able to bury them.

I think it really puts into perspective how quickly and easily everything can go south on you. I can guarantee no one walked to work that day with even a slight thought of dying because some inhuman monster was going to fly a plane into their building. But it happened all the same. It’s something we all need to keep in mind as we go about our lives, knowing we’re not even 100% guaranteed tomorrow.

On a happier note, might I remind us of America’s heroes on that day? Our first responders who came together to help those who were affected? The passengers and crew on the aircraft that was heading for the White House, but didn’t make it because they stopped it? Of course it was a horrific day, but it also brought out the best of America.

And lastly, the pilots of those aircraft. They were the first victims. What strikes me is that they were just going to work one day, then suddenly killed by creatures who don’t deserve to be called human. I don’t know what else to say except those pilots need to be remembered.


I feel like we should make this day International First Responder day.


What a nice story mate.

9/11 is just one of those things that will always be in our hearts…

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9/11 is a event that will be remembered for hundreds of years.

The heroes on United 93 changed the world. If that plane had gotten to DC, think of how our government would have been decimated. The passengers on that flight, would have possibly saved our country from total chaos, and then, its doom.

We will remember you all.

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May we never forget this terrible day. Everyone who unfortunately lost their lives that day may rest in peace. World, never make this happen again.



The worst thing is listening to the Call from Betty Ong from flight 11.


Today is a day that shall never be forgotten by any true American. The day where two Boeing 767 aircraft struck the World Trade Center North and South Towers, as well as other horrible attacks.

May all who perished Rest In Peace. We will remember you.

Always Remember,


May God bless and grant all those beautiful souls heaven!!! This huge tragedy just two months before I was born, truly heartbreaking for all those families of the victims who are still out there remembering this day every year…
Prayers from the IF community and me!!!

-ihtesham mahdi


When 9/11 happen, I was three years old. I don’t have any direct memories on the day but my mother wrote in her journal how I reacted to the news. Apparently they were watching TV and I sneaked into the room. They didn’t notice me at first, and so I got to see those terrible pictures. According to the journal it had quite an impact on three year old me. I already was a little avgeek at this young age, so I understood what I saw. I understood that planes hit those buildings. Planes with people on them. I started to ask questions about what happened. I asked about the people, about what happened to them. I asked how something like that could happen.

I was a three year old boy living on the other side of the Atlantic. I can’t even imagine the impact this event must have had on people living in that city, on people witnessing it with their own eyes, on people who lost loved ones. It’s so unimaginable that something like this could happen and yet, it happened. The people in the Towers, the Pentagon and the ones on board the planes which were flown into the buildings and the passengers on board UA93 who thanks to their resistance and unbelievable sacrifice, probably prevented much worse; what they must’ve gone through is unthinkable.

I visited the 9/11 memorial in New York last year for the first time in my life. Seeing all those names engraved in there… I can’t even describe how I felt. You can really feel the impact of the event when standing there. You see the names of all these humans who had a life, a family and each and every one of them had an own story. I spent about an hour there, just walking around the memorial in silence, reading the names of the people. There’s no word to describe these impressions.

And in the meantime you see people taking selfies, leaning against these names to take the perfect picture, walking around there on the phone arguing with people about things that don’t matter. It really made me angry when I saw that kind if behavior at a place like that.

September 11th, 2001; It’s a day that changed how we live. It’s a day that won’t be forgotten. It’s a day to remember the people who lost their life and the people who sacrificed so much to safe and protect others. It’s a day to remember.


Never Forget.


This makes me feel old, I was a senior in high school. What stand out the most from the avgeek side is how quiet the skies were with the exception of fighter jets flying in pairs.

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This was a tragic event, although I wasn’t alive at the time, it is just so sad. The photos and videos I’ve seen, such a sad event. From plane crashes, to the tallest towers in the world collapsing. Those in the Twin Towers, Pentagon and the flights, AAL 11, AAL 77, UAL 175, and UAL 93 will not be forgotten Thank you to the hero’s on flight 93 for avoiding Washington DC. Thank you to first responders, some of which, were sadly never seen again. Such a tragic day.

9/11, We will never forget, we will always remember.