We really need to do something about this

I’m here to complain about the training server. Yes, I know what you’re already thinking « WE ALL KNOW THAT IT IS CHAOTIC ON TS AND THAT THERE IS NOTHING WHICH CAN BE DONE ». However, I’m here to say something different. Okay, we have three server in online mode in IF. casual, training and expert. The problem is that some people think that the training server is the casual server. I see people taking off taxiway lines or taking off without clearance. If you don’t want to act professionally, go do it on casual. That’s what it’s made for! I just wanted to say my word because I have enough of the lackness of professionalism on TS. I mean, you don’t need to be a genius to know that you don’t take off from a taxiway or takeoff without permission. I really hope that rules are enforced on TS.


Violations occur, there isnt much else that can be done.

If you want to fly professionally - get yourself to the expert server. These rants are a waste of your time and ours.


Really these kind of titles are kind of irrelevant for this topic. Overall, these issues are going on at a mass scale and will not and can not be prevented. At this time, we just have to sit there and shake our heads in disappointment at least.

Oh and also these players often don’t have IFC accounts so they won’t see this anyway.

We are aware of the perceived issues on the training server and I promise that we are working to make it a better place for pilots. We have discussed things such as new ghostings, increased violations for more things and potential back-end ways to catch spammers automatically, amongst others.

It is a very complex issue to solve as people still have agency, that is the ability to act on their own free will, and we do not want to intrude on that.


I thought about suggesting a partial ghost, where if someone clicks report, would hide someone just for that person only for the remainder of the session with no history or repercussions. That way if someone is ruining someone else’s experience they can temporarily block them.


That would then mean that they would taxi through them, plus people would abuse it and ghost everyone in their view, then cause mayhem for ATC.

As I said, complicated issue to solve!


How about if you have over a certain number of operations someone could be able to do a partial ghost like how @Jersey_Paul said or maybe a organization like IFATC which regulates the ATC members who can give partial ghosts on training server. Would this work Misha?

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That would not work, no


Misha, I have an idea. If you touch an aircraft or taxi through it you would get a warning. If you do it again you get a violation. If you keep doing it you could get a system ghost. That could at least fix the taxing through issue.

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That’s why thinking temporary, as have to go out you’re way to ghost everyone each new session. But actually it was partially ATC I was thinking about, the people seeing someone trolling/misbehaving can equally temporary ban.
I completely agree it’s a complex issue… personally doesn’t bother me, but constantly being bought up.

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I think one way to fix this people cant change username for 90days…ppl think they can get away with anything with diff name. It’s not about server. You can see my experience today on expert server. There was no controllers. So they think they can get away with it from anywhere

Watch the third landing.

I wasn’t pissed off becos it can happen anywhere when they hide behind new username.


One option would be to simply raise the requirements for grade 2? Maybe stricter on the landings ratios or similar?

The end goal being that casual is exactly that, and the training server where you share the space with like minded pilots and controllers who wish to hone their skills in preparation for taking on the expert arena?


Oh I want to explain that it shows he is grade 2…I checked while he was flying with me he was grade 3…but on the replay it shows grade 2. He logged out before i finished my flight. Maybe he lost grade after he logged out. Dev knows how that works.

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Or you guys can make a vote kick, where a certain amount of people agree to ghost that one person.

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This is a short term issue. More time on the casual server means people having longer flying without ATC/any rules. This could lead to a greater issue on the training server due to poorer flying [perhaps]


No, people will gang up for fun.

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We had this before. It was also abused. It’s currently not an option we are likely to consider.


Why user needs to change username more often? And will it be good idea to integrate massaging system in apps only for dev and mods? If people see same user creating mess and complain to mod, they can send them warning msg?

But there are people on the training server who are actually trying to learn. What if they accidentally taxi through, or someone taxis through them and they get penalized? Getting ghosted on the training server would lower morale and possibly cause them to lose interest in the game.

Nobody asking for ghosts, we just want them to be reminded bad behaviour won’t be tolerated for long. Jist give them little nudge, maybe. People now starting to write about ghosts in app store reviews.