We’re trending on the App Store!

I’m so happy!


Maybe their hard work at Oshkosh paid off! :)


Well would you look at that! Great job everyone! Keep up the good work!


Amazing! IF is doing great!


Just install infinite flight 60000 times and we will stay up there.


The difference of rate determines everything.

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RFS can’t be compared to IF. For literally every reason. RFS not many would play it if it wasn’t for Swiss001. And even then, their servers can only have 100 people. They’re usually 40 people in one. During FNF there’s over 100 people in one area. so prove my point enough:)


I would recommend RFS to my little sister

Who is 1 YEAR OLD.


Not looking to argue it. if you want feel free to PM. I’ll just put all the facts out there.

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Never mind, I actually was unaware of this game, and looking at what is above I figured it was another free simulator with only one or two aircraft with very low graphics, and terrible physics, but no, it is a full global subscription based sim… 🤔

Does it have the same physics as the rest of the Rorts games? (Ex. Extreme landings, CRrier landings, etc…)

RFS is the only sim you can compare to IF…

Wow what a savage. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Im proud of this IF and also IFC
Our Ceo, Staff, and Mods hard work for this and now don’t be proud first. continue your struggle as much as possible and I always support IFC, a bigger and better future
Congratsss for that achievement !🙌🎊🎉
Prepare for new User welcoming in IFC 😀☺


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I downloaded it and tried the full version and writhing 24 hrs deleted it du to crashes and non realistic controles

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The best way to show your thanks and appreciation is with a five star review and comment on your app store.

Many see the community as an extension of the app itself and is something that I personally feel that helps to set IF apart from the rest.

Let’s keep the thread focused on Infinite Flight please. There are other communities where you can discuss the differences between the two or you can discuss via PM.


I’m so confused on why RFS can’t be compared to IF?

Because we are not a “Discuss all simulators” forum. Same as we are not a “discuss anything aviation related” forum.


I know but the way he said it was as in that you can’t compare them because there to different. RFS and IF have many similarities. I mean think about it. Both have global. Both have a wide selection of planes. I understand you can’t talk about other sims much but you for sure can compare the two.

Hallo Chris_S
I bought IF and also Livesubs and instanly review and give a 5/5 Star on google apps! Instanly because i know this game is different “before i know IF have a Big IFC like this”…

And i love this 😍