We’re Going to Disney World! @ KDFW - 082300ZJAN20

  • Aircraft and Livery: American B737-800

  • Route: KDFW Dallas to KMCO Orlando

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-08T23:00:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: This is my second group flight I hope you can join! My callsign will be American 1336. We also will have @anon38496261 joining us!

Yay! Just making sure, is it okay that I show up in the TWA livery 737-800? I’ll do the A321 if you want me to though.

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Nice creative name too 😉

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Whatever you want to do it

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Thank you!!!

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This came up at the perfect time because I was wondering what flight to do today :)

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I can join

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Ok I will see you there my callsign will be American 1336

How much time left before spawning

1 hour and 40 minutes

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Here’s the FPL if y’all want it.


I’m here spawn in now!!!

Dude spawn right now!!!

I’ve been here.

I was just about to ask if this is still happening 😅

I just have to take a quick shower so spawn in right now

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Sorry I was with my family

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Just let me know when to push. I’ve fully prepared, done preflight inspection, and everything.

It’s okay, it happens :)

(I know the feeling)

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So spawn in now and I will be there in 5 minutes

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