We’re Going to Cape Verde, Yay! - London Gatwick to Sal

London Gatwick to Cape Verde

Hello everyone again! This time this is something different. Something, new and improved. Yep, you heard me, it’s a different time for my photos. After, I learned how to get the best edit from @Suhas’s tutorial on editing photos. I have to say, that tutorial is amazing! Anyway, this flight was for @Tsumia’s birthday event last Saturday Afternoon. And, I never even heard of Sal Cape Verde before so, it was a really neat flight with the TUI B787-8!

Loading up the cargo and passengers for this 5 and a half hour flight to Sal.

Me, @Tsumia, @IG_InfiniteflightNYC, and @Hassan_Sha taxing to runway 26L by following the Gatwick Expert (and birthday boy) @Tsumia

Rotate and we’re out of here and our way to Sal

Passing by another sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal

Passing by another vacation destination with 1 hour left until our flight. It’s Gran Canaria!

And we’re now about to decend into Sal. All we’ve really seen is water for a little while now.

Now turning base to align with runway 01 at Sal. And, oh look! There’s a beautiful beach down below!

And… touchdown! (Not referring to American Football. Btw Go Bills 😜 We’ve finally made it to Sal!

We’ve vacated off of runway 01 and taxing to the terminal! Welcome to Sal!

Hey Look! It’s @NuggetFornia and @Tsumia sitting at gates as I pull into Gate 5!

That’s all for today!

Answer today’s poll question!

What is the Highest Active Volcano in Cape Verde?
  • Cotopaxi
  • Pico Do Fogo
  • Pacaya

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Hope you enjoyed my topic! 🙂


Awesome photos Mason! I would’ve thought that putting text in the middle of the photos would look bad, but it actually looks really cool, and an interesting Route nonetheless!


Thank you Noah! I decided to try something new this time with the text! 😄

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Thanks for the mention! It was really fun photographing all of the incoming planes.


I’ve flown this exact route IRL - the route and Cape Verde are beautiful!


BEautiful photos i couldnt join because i heave no sub
also i answered pisco da fogo ? something like that because it sounded cool

Great shots! I love #6, how shiny it is! 😍

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@NuggetFornia no problem! You took some nice photos!

@BennyBoy_Alpha that’s cool!

@Ritesh321 you might be right with your answer 👀

@Pilot_Felix thank you very much!


MIGHT BE?! no i cant be wrong

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Wow, definitely gonna try this route when the 757 releases.

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Yeah! It’s a very nice flight!

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Forgot to say! Happy Birthday as well!

Can’t wait to fly to Cape Verde when the update comes (either TUI or Cabo Verde)


Yeah! It should be very fun!

Awesome photos @MJP_27, well done!

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Thank you @Butter_Boi!

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Nice shots, it’s my homecountry ! 🇨🇻🇨🇻
I hope you enjoyed Cabo Verde 🔥🔥

I hope we’ll be able to fly it with the homecountry livery of this country 🐳


Wow, awesome screenshots! Nice flight that is aswell.

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Thank you very much @Alfie_Hunt!

Personally I actually flown to Cape Verde already with Thomson 757 (the plane was horrid at the time) but I wanted to fly there again with a much better aircraft of the 757 Rework