We pay a lot of money to play this game but it seems that we are not getting our money’s worth

I pay 10$ a month for this game and I feel like they need to step up their game because the aircraft’s take so long to be reworked. No disrespect to the infinite flight team but I just am wondering what’s holding you guys back?


They ant to release aircraft with the highest quality so that no one feels like they aren’t doing a good job.

Would you believe me if I told you developing aircraft is very complex and costs money?


No no no I understand but I’m just thinking like we pay so much money so I was wondering what it is like lack of staff ect?

Would you also believe that maintaining live servers, employing staff, paying for utilities and office space and other system developments costs money? Or would you believe that there is other things going on in the background as well like Project Metal?


I understand but the subscription is so dang expensive.


More staff = more people to pay, less money to spend on developing the sim.

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So is running this stuff…

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The reality is that you’re not entitled to know why things being worked on in Infinite Flight take any amount of time. Yes, you’re a consumer of their product, but Infinite Flight staff take immense pride in how open they are with their development.

Have patience, good things take time.

Also, is $10/mo really that expensive?


I mean, it’s $10 a month. Literally ~75 minutes of minimum wage work once a month. That’s a reasonable price for what you get as long as you play the game with some frequency.

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I know they are doing their best but I’m thinking why don’t they have something like msfs where people can make additions to the game via websites.

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@Qantas300 I am not trying to attack you with my reply or anything if that is how it comes across. I do completely understand your point. But this is just how it is. I would rather wait for aircraft to be developed to the highest possible degree than for it to take little time at less quality.

That is something the staff themselves should answer on. I’m sure they have their own reasonings behind it.


There’s many reasons why currently there isn’t the ability for users to create their own aircraft models, liveries etc. The main one being the staffing it would require for this to be moderated to ensure that the liveries were up to the standard expected, reviewing liveries compared to their real life counterpart for accuracy and so forth. All of this would take up staff time, which would take away from the time spent on developing the additions to the game.


Thank you for helping me answer my questions🙂

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Oh ok I get it.

To add on - there are not a lot of people who have the spare time to volunteer to do stuff like this. I’m sure most people that have the knowledge and skills to do this already have an occupation where they do this kind of thing.

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Yeh true I’m just sad because I’m loosing interest in IF.

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Good things take time. That’s just how it is with most things in life. There are a lot of things I want to see out of IF, but we all just have to wait.

If you are losing interest then try something new join a VA or become a ATC controller or try some new airlines or planes that you rarely use.


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