We need vintage aircraft!

I think Infinite Flight should have some vintage aircraft. What about you?

  • Boeing 707
  • Boeing 727
  • Boeing 737-200
  • Airbus A300B
  • Airbus A310
  • Lockheed Constellation

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If this is a feature request, everyone of those aircraft have been requested. Please search and like/comment the requests if you would like to see them.
I personally would like to see the 737-200 and the Constellation.

If not, demise this comment.

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Or maybe a discussion what you would prefer from the given options? I would go for the A300 as those still fly a lot for cargo.


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When I heard vintage, I thought he ment props. Dc-3s, dc-6s old turbo props like Convair’s and all that stuff. We need props!

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Air Transat still fly A310 aircraft for passengers. From there history I don’t think they like A330s anymore.

I guess “vintage” depends on the age of the topic starter?! ;)


Constellation. It marked the end of propeller aircraft in aviation.

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True. But we still need props. Us GA nerds are dying over here

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Agree but for some reason I can’t edit the poll😔

You can’t after 5 minutes of creating it.

The constellation is an amazing prop, the red bull one would look stunning for sure!



That’s a dc-6 or 7

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This is a connie

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Douglas Commercial DC-7.

True my mistake , just flew 8 hours through the night I’ll blame zombie nation for it ;)

Doesn’t Breitling have a Connie?


The L-649. I like more the L-1049, with the wingtip tanks.

Yeah same here.

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How is it to fly the A380?

Amazing! Especialy with thunderstorms around us at night this gives amazing views, but let’s stay ontopic :)