We need tolerance

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Today St. Marteen was featured on expert server and it was very busy (30 arrivals in 20 minutes). Radar were using holding patterns which is quite unique. However between the radar controller change the things got bad. Everyone started pushing to the final without thinking about the seperation or the controller (it’s not easy when 20 planes tune to the frequency at the same time and request something). However the radar controller spawned in and everything started to look better.

I want to challenge you. Next time when there is no active controller and there are many aircrafts dont try to be the first one. Give way to the aircraft ahead! Be tolerant! The world needs tolerance!

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Or…if the airspace is absurdly crowded like in the picture above, you can always divert.

A safe landing at an uncontrolled and unpopulated airport is considerably better than a collision or safety risk.


The traffic today at SXM was absolutely ridiculous for such a small airport like this. Thank you for pointing this out…

One thing I want to add. I saw some controllers also having a difficult time when controlling the Local frequencies today. We should also have patience to them: some of the controllers seems to be ne in IFATC. They are learning too, so let’s be patient to them.

From an Ex-IFATC member.


Throughout many years of seeing poor uncontrolled airspace examples on the IFC, the one thing I have learned is that Thomas Hobbes was right.


Man, reminds me of when 3D just opened here. IF really needs to add a hold feature on autopilot…


i remember flying to st maarten a couple of hours ago, it was horrible i was stuck in a holding pattern for 10 minutes before the atc led me to my approach and landing as i was on my final i realised there were lot of planes going around and i hoped it wasnt me which it wasnt 😂 but st maarten was really busy today barely any gates or stands you could park at too i do agree it was chaotic and i agree with this

i second this

infact i see myself on here im on approach g-vahh feels weird seeing myself on here😂😂

Thanks for the great points, Alex! Sessions like this definitely highlight the need for a little training on volume techniques along with our own need for some more tools. Being able to meter traffic, effectively use holds, and organize the flow from cruise to the runway is critical with traffic this complex.


Hobbes was a good pragmatic spotlight for behavior but the topic, Tyler’s response, and Hobbe’s own rising to the good, paradoxically counter Hobbe’s pessimism about human nature. Interesting comment - sure made me think.

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When I’m ATC on the training server, I also notice that people tend to hurry to be the first to land. Once, there was a BA 737-800 on the runway getting ready for takeoff when two 777s, one coming in from KJFK and one doing pattern work came inbound. They were both very close so I told the 777 behind to switch to RW27R, but all I got was an “Unable”. After clearing the 737-800 for immediate takeoff, I tried to make the aircraft behind go around, but I got the same response. The aircraft were both about to land and were about to collide. Thankfully the aircraft ahead initiated a go around and a collision was prevented.

In this case, someone who was ahead and was doing a proper flight had to go around due to someone doing pattern work being extremely impatient and insisting to land on a specific runway.

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Yeah! That is the main problem!

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But then again, this was on the training server.

Unfortunately same on expert

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