We need to talk about the Plane Crash Topics.

That is incorrect. You’re failing to understand to point of the post. The point of the post is aimed at those who lack the maturity and self control who post in these topics. I realize you guys want to talk aviation and that’s perfectly fine. But at what point is the line crossed? That’s a question you have to ask yourself. Again, don’t look at it from your perspective… look at it from the perspective of others.


I mean I try to consider everyone’s sides of the issues as you see in my writing. Grammar isn’t perfect but I still care about the other side 😂

In the long run it’s really not up to me it’s up to you and the rest of the moderating staff to decide where the line is and whether or not you guys are gonna punish people on a case by case basis or decide that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. I recommend (respectfully) a case by case basis.

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I support that as well, I made it out of hand according to lots of people


If the flags of my post are to make me stop sharing my opinion, I’m not gonna stop, after all we are debating aren’t we?

Here I have to agree with @DeerCrusher to an extent.

It’s good to be responsible if a forum like this one, that is being careful about the content you post. We all make mistakes from time to time but we can’t just depend on the moderators to right our wrongs. It begins within.

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I honestly do have to agree with @Shawn_Coleman here. If @Marc actually meant all of this, why wouldn’t have he given any examples of the things he wants us to do since he knows better than all of us by the way he said it. I have seen many of his posts and replies, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, nor do I want to have a debate or an argument about this, but honestly he does know to be bossy at times.

@DeerCrusher, I agree with you on the “Perspectives of others” but, you can’t care about someone more than you care about yourself. In order to get the perspective of others, you need to think about your own perspective, and how it’s different from others…

I once again say I meant this with the fullest of respect towards @DeerCrusher, and @Marc. Once again, this is just my own opinion, and I think there are people who agree with me.


Thanks for posting this. It had to be said and you said it perfectly. I agree 100% with your views and hope we can all be a little more respectful in the future concerning topics such as these. The video you’re speaking of in particular really bothered me as well and I’m a bit older than you even. That was really the last thing I wanted to see to be completely honest. So, thank you again for submitting this.

Sure you can. You just proved my point validating that you’re not fit to be commenting appropriately on aviation related incidents. PM me and we can discuss more. Thanks!

Anyone else want to validate their erroneous decision making skills?


@Shawn_Coleman here you are spot on. You can’t shoot the messenger for trying to be helpful. The credibility of news sources is well beyond our control.

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And also @Marc, I recommend you change the name of the thread to: “We need to talk about the plane incident topics.” Not necessarily all the topics where about plane crashes.

I literally don’t understand what you just said and why you said it. But I know calling people out is on its face beneath you as moderator and person. We aren’t here to attack people. We are sharing ideas not fighting.

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That’s a statement I will agree with under any given time.

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Read my reply carefully. It’s pretty cut and dry. 🙂

Because I’m replying to him? Wasn’t that obvious? 🤣

I don’t mind calling people out in public one bit. It’s knowing when to stop is key.

@Shawn_Coleman if this reply wasn’t clear, PM me and I can clarify further. Sounds like you might need additional clarification which I’d be happy to provide. Thanks!


What do you mean by “not fit to be commenting appropriately on aviation related incidents” ? What, so I can talk about car incidents and not aviation related incidents? I really don’t understand. Just because you don’t agree with what I said, doesn’t mean that you should disagree with every statement I stated. Yes, I have proved your point about other peoples perspectives, but I have also stated a point that you are missing… No hate intended, so I’m just a little surprised with the reaction. I also do apologise if you think my tone is disrespectful.

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I have read in the comments, I must say I agree with both sides, of course it may be over the line, but actually it is the true reality sadly, from the other side it is very traumatic to watch it, then it is better on the middle by saying the video is out there, but say that it is very disturbing to watch.

Also speculation is I fully on Marc’s side

You have to look at both sides of course, but it is better that you know it is out there, but don’t need it to be available down in the comments

With over 100 comments in an hour it is also very hard to find out what happened, therefore does information come many times.

I would just like it if you and the OP would stop trying to put people down to make yourselves look better on the forum. It’s not cool.

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What I was referring to, was you care more about yourself and the attention that you get, than your care and regard for others. Having little respect for those of have been affected and posting stuff for your own benefit is not looked at in a good way.

Like I said earlier, we need to be contentious of what we’re posting and how it’s going to affect others BEFORE we get credit of receive a benefit. Whether that be in people saying “nice post”, or given out in the form of likes, some just need to be more mindful. That’s all